In a world with countless conflicts, the focus in family narrative is moving from conclusiveness to how to cope with real life

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Once upon a time, family stories started out just like this, and ended with, “and they all lived happily ever after.” The prince and princess would get married. The dragons were slain. The witches were ostracized. Everything that could fit into a metaphorical box would be packed into that ending, tight and neat.

Even before Covid-19, media for children and families had started changing from the “happily ever after” myths that haunt the back covers of storybooks and…

Unsolved Mysteries is back for another cycle of cases, but fans are not thrilled with changes to the show’s 3 decade-old format

Promotional image for the second cycle of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries

It Wasn’t Broke, They Fixed It Anyway

When Netflix announced that they were saving the second cycle of Unsolved Mysteries for October, many were elated at the chance to feel true fright this spooky season. After fans gobbled the first chunk of episodes in their reboot of the series, many were particularly ready to gobble up more unsolved mysteries like a bag of candy bought on sale at Target. …

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If the publishing landscape is representative of the time period and the current events surrounding it, we are heading toward a massive wave of pandemic literature across the genres. This could mean anything from scientific discoveries, quests for cures, and baking banana bread while working out at home over Zoom. We’re already getting a Covid-19 memoir from Andrew Cuomo, so who’s to say what’s next?

Well, you and I have a say in what’s next. Publishing trends are in part based off of sales. …

Sometimes, you just need to yell at the self that’s protecting your regular self

It’s no secret that healthcare in the US is abysmal. Medical or physical, there is so much information out there vital to the lives of ourselves and our loved ones that it’s really easy to slip through the cracks and end up blindsided by the diagnosis of a friend or relative. This might also be an issue of education, but there is only so much that a school can do. Wellness requires the constant education of the self and remaining current can sometimes take help from outside.

Growing up, I found Soaps more relatable than other types of shows because…

Wooden planks to look at like you plank for hours that only last a few minutes

I recently came back to the circuit. This time, it’s done on my carpet. Sometimes on a mat on the wood floor of my living room. It’s hard to do some days, because I miss the gym so much. But after looking in and committing to do this circuit at least once or twice a week has turned my “quarantine body” into a vessel I’ll be proud to be seen in whenever everything does re-open.

The circuit came into my life on the day I guest-passed my sister into my gym seven years ago. She was doing a lot of…

In 2002, a multimodal endeavor from some folks who brought action-based, toy-inspiring creations like Power Rangers and Digimon into the void began a project that would still be going today. Perhaps trying to veer from action figures to video games, knowing that the only way the toy industry would survive technology would be to embrace it, Bandai created a universe that would bring a home to at least one anime series and a series of games to accompany the show.

Project Dot Hack sounds like an ambition created by a fictitious tech conglomerate from which a protagonist must save (what’s…

Link’s a loner, Dottie. A rebel.

Silent Hero? Or Elephant in the Room?

Most gamers will strike you down if you ever, even accidentally, refer to The Legend of Zelda series as an RPG. The Legend of Zelda is an Action/Adventure series, first and foremost, and maybe even the best of that genre, with or without its fantasy elements. Yes, a role is played, and the Nintendo icon shares a lot with the genre (setting, puzzles, hack n’ slash battling, folklore, the list goes on), but one element that is not required in an RPGs but is a staple never appears in a Zelda game: the party.

Whether it be Final Fantasy and…

The #13Reasons Finale Was Homophobic. It Didn’t Have to Be

Pride month is over, but the series finale of Netflix’s !3 Reasons Why is still streaming, potentially endangering the queer youth and reinforcing stigmas held against LGBTQIA+ people for generations. I watched the Netflix drama since its first season. The show’s progression can only be compared to a nice train ride where the train happened to fall off the rails and wreck everything in its path. Trainwrecks are supposed to be stationary, but 13 Reasons Why was a gift that continued to give and give and give. …

Months before the released of the first Trolls film, I was growing sick of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” I originally loved the song, but we played it several times a shift at the nightclub I worked security for. When I saw in the song’s credits that JT wasn’t releasing a new album, but that it was for a movie about plastic toys with vibrant hair colors from my youth, I questioned the film’s merit.

Nostalgia is one of the main forces driving popular culture at this moment in time. It’s hard to find something new without taking several…

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